Gennaio 5, 2030

There are more girls in school now compared to 15 years ago, and most regions have reached gender parity in primary education. But although there are more women than ever in the labour market, there are still large inequalities in some regions, with women systematically denied the same work rights as men. Sexual violence and exploitation, the unequal division of unpaid care and domestic work, and discrimination in public office all remain huge barriers. Climate change and disasters continue to have a disproportionate effect on women and children, as do conflict and migration.

It is vital to give women equal rights land and property, sexual and reproductive health, and to technology and the internet. Today there are more women in public office than ever before, but encouraging more women leaders will help achieve greater gender equality.

Only 24 percent of national parliamentarians were women as of Novembera small increase from View goal targets. Powerful women face the climate crisis in Colombia. In the path of the monarch butterfly. Bias and backlash. Providing hope and support for Yemeni women as conflict drags on.

Recycling waste and creating opportunities for women. Mission 1.

gennaio 5, 2030

UNDP is responding to the most pressing issue we face as a species with what we hope will be the largest-ever global survey on climate change. Eyes on the Goals. Seven social influencers spotlight the role that digital and social media can play in achieving the Global Goals.

Justice and compassion for rape survivors. How women in Sri Lanka are creating a secure future for themselves and their community.

Facts and figures. Goals in action. Powerful women face the climate crisis in Colombia Vital wetlands spring back to life. Bias and backlash The invisible forces holding women back. Providing hope and support for Yemeni women as conflict drags on Women become equal partners in addressing urgent needs in their communities.

Recycling waste and creating opportunities for women For a community in Jordan a new recycling centre represents more than just work. Eyes on the Goals Seven social influencers spotlight the role that digital and social media can play in achieving the Global Goals. Justice and compassion for rape survivors A clinic in Fiji responds to high rates of sexual abuse against women.Possibly the biggest surprise on the list is Egypt, a country that Standard Chartered sees growing at a torrid pace over this timeframe.

ByIndia will be the second largest economy in PPP terms according to many different models — and by then, it will also be the most populous country in the world as well. With the divide between emerging and developed economies closing at a seemingly faster rate than ever before, this should be seen as an interesting opportunity for all investors taking a long-term view. Get your mind blown on a daily basis:. After the crisis, it took nearly 3 years for commercial mortgage delinquencies to hit record levels.

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Init took just 3 months. As thousands of restaurants, hotels, and local businesses in the U. In just a few months, delinquency rates have already effectively reached their peaks. To put this in perspective, consider that it took well over two years for mortgage delinquency rates to reach the same historic levels in the aftermath of the housing crisis of The above chart draws data from Trepp and illustrates the recent shocks to the CMBS market, broken down by property type.

Property Type January June Accomodation 1. Similarly, retail properties have been rattled. Almost one-fifth are in delinquencies. On the other hand, industrial property types have remained stable, hovering close to their January levels.

This is likely attributable in part to the fact that the rise in e-commerce sales have helped support warehouse operations. Still, as the government considers ending stimulus packages in the near future, a lack of relief funding could spell trouble.

Below, we can see that the delinquent balance and delinquency rates vary widely by city. Note that this data is for private-labeled CMBS, which are issued by investment banks and private entities rather than government agencies. The six-story mall attracts 26 million visitors annually. Like the overall market, delinquencies are being driven by accommodation and retail properties across many of these U.

Often, when borrowers do not make payment after a reasonable amount of time, they enter into default. While time ranges can vary, defaults typically take place after at least 60 days of nonpayment.

As effects reverberate, properties could eventually fall into foreclosure. At the same time, institutional investors who own these types of securities, which include pensions, could begin seeing steep losses. This is designed to inject liquidity into the mortgage market, while also financing small and mid-sized properties that house small businesses.

In turn, this can enable the employment of millions of Americans.

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Of course, it remains to be seen whether the mortgage market will face a sustained downturn akin to the financial crisis, or if the temporary decline will soon subside. In just a few short decades, the world of online gaming has exploded in popularity.

The infographic above explores the humble beginnings of the online gaming market and dives into the technological possibilities driving its future.Gli ambiti sono due, internazionale e interno. A meno che….

In Italia si nasce appena e si muore vecchi. Si potrebbe mettere al centro della bandiera tricolore. La popolazione attiva anni sarebbe superiore a quella non attiva di una decina di punti e non appaiata. Molti sono ricercatori e lamentano la mancanza di un sistema meritocratico. SE Con un aumento di pochi decimi di punto percentuale, il Pil italiano salirebbe da miliardi di dollari a miliardi di dollari. Tecnologia e informatica continueranno a determinare i mutamenti nelle professioni a livello globale facendo scomparire molti mestieri e posti di lavoro.

Mentre nei sindacati rimarranno solo i pensionati, diventeranno via via inutili mestieri come i commercianti al dettaglio e i postini.

Per avere una pensione dignitosa, il lavoratore italiano dovrebbe versare nel corso della sua vita lavorativa almeno mila euro di contributi. Twitter Facebook YouTube Vimeo. Popolazione a nord e sud. Posted by il Bureau. Tags: crisidemografiaeconomiafuturogovernoItaliapopolazioneriformevecchiaia. Related Articles.The International Telecommunication Unionan agency of the United Nations that coordinates telecom infrastructure between countries, recently launched a new focus group to, in part, address an emerging imbalance in our wireless communications.

The fixed side and the mobile side are both parts of the unified system that sends information to all of our wireless devices. And that distinction is where he sees problems beginning to emerge. This is the side that has gotten a lot of attention in recent years with the advent of 5G, along with beamformingmassive MIMOand millimeter waves.

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The fixed side is everything else—including antennas to beam data wirelessly between two fixed points, and also the cables, fibers, and switches that handle the vast majority of our long-distance communications.

They do not match. Instead, as the name implies, the group will look beyond that generation and think about what comes next. In the process, it has become inefficient and prone to clogging on the fixed side. Take, for example, two people sitting on a couch, both streaming a soccer game to their phones. In essence, GTP establishes a connection, called a tunnel, between each phone and the nearest router. Those tunnels allow each phone to communicate with the router individually, but can create a lot of redundancy when the router sends data further into the infrastructure.

If two people are both sitting on a couch and streaming the same soccer game to their phones, for example, the router currently requests and receives two copies of the same streaming data. Low latency means little if there are so many data packets moving through the network that there are continuous delays.

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For example, people feel dizzy using VR goggles if the movement delay when they look at something new is 20 milliseconds or more. And as some researchers have already started to suggest6G will bring applications with even higher throughput requirements.

gennaio 5, 2030

Li says autonomous vehicles, massive machine-type communications, tactile Internet, and holographic communications are all on the table for the coming years.CBO regularly publishes reports that present projections of what federal deficits, debt, revenues, and spending—and the economic path underlying them—would be for the current year and for the following 10 years and beyond if existing laws governing taxes and spending generally remained unchanged.

Projected deficits rise from 4. Other than a six-year period during and immediately after World War II, the deficit over the past century has not exceeded 4. And during the past 50 years, deficits have averaged 1. Because of the large deficits, federal debt held by the public is projected to grow, from 81 percent of GDP in to 98 percent in its highest percentage since Bydebt would be percent of GDP—far higher than it has ever been.

Ininflation-adjusted GDP is projected to grow by 2. Continued strength in the demand for labor keeps the unemployment rate low and drives employment and wages higher. Aftereconomic growth is projected to slow. From tooutput is projected to grow at an average annual rate of 1.

That average growth rate of output is less than its long-term historical average, primarily because the labor force is expected to grow more slowly than it has in the past. Over that same period, the interest rate on year Treasury notes is projected to rise gradually, reaching 3. That year increase is the net result of changes that go in opposite directions. That increase is largely the result of legislation enacted since June—which decreased revenues and increased discretionary outlays—and of lower projected GDP.

CBO has corrected this report since its original publication. Corrections are listed at the end of the report. On February 4,CBO reposted the files of year economic projections, year budget projections, and historical economic data, as well as the file of baseline projections for USDA mandatory farm programs, with corrected values. On February 6,CBO reposted the file of revenue projections with a new table and some corrected values. None of those corrections affect any numbers shown in the report.

On May 5,CBO reposted the file of long-term budget projections to add some supplemental tables. The Budget and Economic Outlook: to January 28, View Document. View Document 1. View by Chapter Cover. At A Glance.

Table of Contents. Chapter 1: The Budget Outlook. Chapter 2: The Economic Outlook. List of Tables of Figures. About This Document. Data Underlying Figures.January Calendar with Holidays.

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Commemoration Victims of the Holocaust. July Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Day of Women and Girls in Day Calendar. Feb Spaghetti Day Nat'l. Trivia Day World Braille Day. Ramadan start Nat'l. Bird Day Nat'l. Screenwriters Day. Orthodox Christmas Nat'l. Bobblehead Day. Law Enfor. Human Trafficking Awareness Nat'l.

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Milk Day. Kiss A Ginger Day. Orthodox New Year. Hat Day. Winnie The Pooh Day. Popcorn Day. Martin Luther King Jr. Hug Day. Pie Day. Day of Education Nat'l. Compliment Day Nat'l. Peanut Butter Day. Robert Burns Night.


Australia Day Nat'l. Spouses Day. Data Privacy Day. Kansas Day. Croissant Day. Lailatul Qadr Nat'l.Adjusted Expense Ratio excludes certain variable investment-related expenses, such as interest from borrowings and dividends on borrowed securities, allowing for more consistent cost comparisons across funds.

Jason Kephart. Senior Analyst. Vanguard Target Retirement is a suitable target-date series for any investor.

gennaio 5, 2030

Our conviction in the team and process is unchanged, but under our new Morningstar Analyst Rating methodology, its two share classes have been downgraded to Silver from Gold, given the small return differential between target-date series and the presence of other highly rated peers. Unlock our full analysis with Morningstar Premium. Total Assets. Expense Ratio Adjusted Expense Ratio excludes certain variable investment-related expenses, such as interest from borrowings and dividends on borrowed securities, allowing for more consistent cost comparisons across funds.

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Expense Ratio. Fee Level. Longest Manager Tenure. US Fund Target-Date Investment Style.

gennaio 5, 2030

TTM Yield. Start a Day Free Trial. Process Pillar. Unlock Rating. People Pillar. Parent Pillar. Summary Jason Kephart Mar 13, All Funds by Classification. Asset Class U. Sponsor Center.

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