Vba advanced techniques

I often get asked what do I need to know to have advanced Excel skills. These days the ability to analyse data in a multitude of ways requires Excel skills that are better than asking Google for assistance every step of the way — you need to know formulas, charting, conditional formatting, tables, pivot tables including Power Pivot, excel tools such as goal seek and solver, using short cut keys and finally knowledge and use of Visual Basic for Applications.

Formulas are the building blocks of any Excel spreadsheet. The formulas you use will ultimately determine how flexible your spreadsheet is. The effective use of Excel formulas allows advanced users to summarise large amounts of data, analyse the outputs and make recommendations based on the results. These are the must have formulas:. Sound use of formulas and knowing which one to use in any given situation is the foundation block of Advanced Excel knowledge.

Being able to use the right chart in the right situation is key. When you are comparing datasets there are certain charts that work well. Once you understand what message you're trying to tell with the data you have, it's time to select the best method for displaying that information on a page. Different chart types cater best to different methods.

To create a comparison chart, use these types of graphs:. All of these suggestions will get you started, but there are no hard and fast rules for how data should be presented, it should be clear, communicative, and need no further explanation. If you find that you're restrained by common chart types, then by all means branch out to more experimental techniques. There's no reason not to let your inner designer sit down with your inner statistician—together the two of you can come up with some intelligent and informative methods to present information, and you won't have to fall back on pie charts and bar graphs to do it.

Conditional formatting is an inbuilt Excel feature when used effectively can be visually and operationally extremely powerful.

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Conditional formatting highlights either areas that exceed, meet or fall short of expectations most notably with a traffic light effect or the use of colour. There are inbuild icons which make conditional formatting fun and attractive on the page. They are remarkably simple to apply and adjust to add your own criteria.

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Used intelligently conditional formatting can be a great way to flag issues in business or processes which can prompt a decisive action. An Excel table is a way of structuring data in a dynamic way inside of an Excel spreadsheet.

Advanced Excel users know how to create and use Excel tables to manipulate and manage their data. In a table the headings will hold the reference to its own column so it is important as per normal to name the column wisely.

Excel Macro Class 1 - Getting Started Programming Macros

Tables are an genuinely powerful resource which allows you to generate more data dynamically. The list can grow and any formulas that are associated with a table will grow as well. The formula length will adjust as the table either increases or decreases in size. Tables are a wonderful addition to Excel and well worth adding to your arsenal. A pivot table an inbuilt Excel program that allows you to seamlessly summarise selected datasets to obtain a neat report in a matter of moments.In this section you will learn how to develop the Forms and interact with the other applications, handling the files and other advanced VBA programming concepts.

By end of this sessions you will be comfortable with VBA and be confident to develop the tools to automate complex tasks. And will be able to create complex dashboards. The quick answer is — To do almost everything!. Yes, the advanced VBA programming concepts help you to deal with many things.

We are going to cover all advanced concepts to do the different thing using VBA. You will learn many things other than automating the regular tasks.

We are explaining each and every topic with related examples to understand the concepts better. However, we strongly suggest you to follow the same order given in the learning path while learning the topics.

Advanced Excel VBA Programming

So that it will be easy to follow and understand the concepts well. If you think these topics are more advanced and want to learn the basic concepts, please learn the basic Level1 and intermediate Level2 level of programming concepts an then start learning these advanced Level3 tutorials.

vba advanced techniques

We start with Recording and Run a Macro and we will learn how to accept the Inputs from the user and show the Popup Messages. Also we will see how to debug macros and edit the macros as per your requirement.

It helps to get started with Excel VBA and understand basics concepts. In this section you will learn the concepts of VBA programming from the basics to write your own VBA programs like sub routines, functions to automate your daily tasks.

By end of this session you will be able to use conditional statements, variables and other programming concepts to automate tasks and you will find significant time saving while working with your projects. Start learning from the basics, here is the complete tutorials to learn excel from Basics to Advanced VBA Programming. Excel is very powerful ans sophisticated tool to do many things in your day to day life.

If you learn excel you will be more productive and well recognized person in your organization and you will find many ways to do the same task and save the lot of time while executing any project.

Start using Excel and VBA in your day to day projects, download the example files and see how we are writing the programs to solve the problems. We keep adding the example files and dashboards in our download page, you can download and explore it.

If you have any questions feel free to post your question in comments section of related topic. Once you are confident with Excel and VBA, start learning high level programming concepts and other related technologies:. Add-in: If you are frequently using some functions which are not available in the excel, you can write user defined functions and create Excel Add-in and install your system.

You can also build ribbons, menus and share the add-in across the group of users. It is worth learning SQL, it helps you to grow in your profession career. There is a lot of demand for SAS professionals in the market as the data is growing rapidly and every one wants to use and analyse the data to improve their revenue. Thank you very much! Thanks a lot for great tutorials- I like the way of explanation and examples provided for each topic.

Thank you so much for sharing each and every this about vba and all.Not ready for Advanced VBA? Now challenge yourself with the next step. Advanced VBA is a learner-friendly course that takes you through more powerful features, expanding the possibilities of what you can make VBA do for you. As an advanced feature, it can seem intimidating at first. Advanced Microsoft VBA.

Categories: MicrosoftStore-Annual Tags: microsoftms wordonline course. Why Microsoft VBA? In this course you will learn: Advanced methods for automating tedious Excel jobs. How to write and implement Excel events.

vba advanced techniques

How to modify a variety of standard behaviours, such as double-clicking, opening files and saving files. How to design and implement specialised classes of objects. How to customise the right click menu within cell ranges. Sample content:.

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We teach accountants Excel. Our training is personal. If you have used Excel before you can use the filter to show you which parts of the course to skip. Our platform is award-winning and improving all the time. There is currently no public syllabus for this course. Others who bought this course also viewed:. Read more. This site uses cookies: Find out more. Okay, thanks. Choose an option Subscription Voucher. Choose an option Yearly Clear.Microsoft Excel. Kat Boogaard.

You've familiarized yourself with the basics of using pivot tables to summarize your data, and now you feel like you're ready to tackle some advanced pivot table techniques. Look at you go! Ready to roll up your sleeves and dive in with some more advanced techniques for pivot tables? What exactly is a slicer? He really wants to drill down and view beer sales by quarter and by size for only Instead of needing to change the year filter on both of those pivot tables, he could create a slicer for the year.

Resize and move your slicer to where you want it to appear. I recommend positioning it on top of your pivot tables, so that you can look at everything in one glance. Now, Jason needs to link his existing pivot tables to that slicer so that all the data is associated with that particular slicer.

With that slicer setup, Jason can simply hit the button for to only see his data for that year in his pivot tables. Doing the profit calculation himself outside of the pivot table is rather cumbersome, because he needs to subtract the Q1 cost from the Q1 sales, do the same for Q2, and so on and so forth.

He can set up a calculated field that will automatically crunch the numbers and tell him his profit for each type of beer. To figure out profit, he knows he needs to subtract his cost from his sales.

With that calculated field in place, Jason can easily see his profit for each type of beer—as well as his grand total profit—in the bottom row of his pivot table. When you want to break down your data even further, knowing how to split one pivot table into multiple tables is a handy trick.

He wants to dig in deeper and see his beer sales for each quarter for each type of beer Amber, Pilsner, IPA, or Stout. Fortunately, he can do that with just a few clicks using his original pivot table as his starting point. After doing so, Jason sees subtotals for each size of his beer offerings.

VBA and Macros for Microsoft Excel by Bill Jelen, Tracy Syrstad

For example, Jason is looking at a pivot table that displays his beer sales by size and quarter inand he wants to see detailed information about his half barrel sales in Q1. He just needs to double-click on that number in the cell, and Excel will open up detailed information in a new worksheet. You take another look at some of your pivot tables, and you realize that you made a mistake—you have a typo in your data set.

Does he have to go through his workbook with a fine tooth comb to correct that error everywhere it appears in his data and his pivot tables? Absolutely not. All he needs to do is:. That will make that same correction across the entire workbook. If you want to make your pivot tables even more visually pleasing check out this video tutorial on pivot table styles :.

There you have it - six advanced pivot table techniques that you should definitely know. Eager to know even more about how to leverage the power of pivot tables to your advantage? Kat is a writer specializing in career, self-development, and productivity topics. When she escapes her computer, she enjoys reading, hiking, golfing, and dishing out tips for prospective freelancers on her website.

Please login or sign up to comment. It's no secret that Excel is an essential skill. If you are ready to level up your Excel skills, then check out our guide to becoming an Excel pro! Ready to wow your colleagues with some impressive graphs and charts?

Then learn the in's and out's of Excel column charts with this handy guide! Toggle navigation GoSkills.The Row, Rows and Table objects have a ConvertToText method that converts table data to text and returns a range object representing the text.

Define a range from the start of the document to the end of the first selected paragraph. There seems to be no supported way in VBA to turn the "Allow spacing between cells" Table property off.

It's a kludge, because if you then look in the dialog you'll see that "Allow spacing" is still ticked - but it's much better than no workaround at all! This second workaround has the advantage that it does de-select the "Allow spacing" checkbox in the dialog - but besides the inherent disadvantage in using SendKeys, the user will see the dialog momentarily appear and disappear.

Documents Pages Paragraphs Characters. VBA Code Advanced Techniques The Row, Rows and Table objects have a ConvertToText method that converts table data to text and returns a range object representing the text.

Count Removes borders from active table Selection. Tables 1. Range 0,Selection. Paragraphs 1. Count ActiveWindow. If Selection. Information wdInformation. Tables 1 For Each clCell in tblTable. Rows 1. Text Next clCell Adding a formula Selection. Workaround 1 Selection. Show also works. All Rights Reserved.The application code below shows many techniques used in a robust forms application.

Instead of entering data in cells, the user clicks a button to open a form and then enters the data in the form. One advantage of a form is it is much faster to enter data, because the user can tab through controls. Also, this application used many combo boxes, and when you start entering a value in a combo box, it "auto completes", whereas drop down boxes used in normal worksheet data validation lists do not support auto complete.

vba advanced techniques

Many combo boxes are used in the form, the source of which are columns of values for each combo-box control. One of the combo boxes also determines the target worksheet to receive the data.

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Cells Rows. Count, "P". End xlUp. Cells lngNewRow, Cells lngColorStatusRow, Cells lngNewRow, 1wksTargetWorksheet. Count, "W". Cells i, Count, "A". Count, "B".

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Count, "C". Count, "D". Count, "E". Count, "F". Count, "G". Count, "H". Count, "I". Count, "J". Count, "K". Count, "L". Count, "Q". Count, "R". Count, "S". Count, "T".This page lists 33 Advanced VBA exercises. You can use the menu to show just exercises for a specific topic. Go to exercise You can search our full list of VBA exercises here.

Outstanding course feedback Average score 9. The argument list should vary according to whether you are copying the message to anyone. The chart has 3 simple properties - title, data range and slice to explode - and one method, print preview. Each region record contains the region id and name and the id of the parent region.

vba advanced techniques

This page has 0 threads Add post. Create a class to allow users to run a mortgage model properties are things like house price and deposit. Revision of VBA. Passing arguments. Create a routine to send an Outlook message. Write a macro to loop over a number of holidays, getting the details for each and writing these out to the immediate window.

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Write a macro which creates a FileSystemObject reference, then uses this to list out all of the Excel workbooks in a folder. Links to other applications. Create a PowerPoint macro writing slide information for an existing presentation to a new workbook in Excel.

Working with text files. Create a couple of simple macros taking arguments - one to display a message, and one to protect or unprotect a worksheet. Working with shapes.

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